Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC) in S-63

NavSim, as the authorised Primar distributor, offers a complete portfolio of the official Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC) in S-57/S-63 format. ENCs are the only charts which can be used on ECDIS systems.

NavSim has a long history of providing electronic chart data to a global customer base. supplying ENCs that are fully compliant with IHO S-57/S-63 standards and IMO SOLAS chart and carriage requirements. Our core aim is to make up-to-date official charts available to everyone through innovative solutions that best serve your customer. Our range of services is designed to help your business development by meeting your expectations for simplicity, flexibility, business integration and cost-savings

Worldwide coverage

We are able to supply ENC services that provide comprehensive worldwide coverage of all the major seaway routes, approaches, coasts and harbours. All offered ENC cells are in vector format suitable for ECDIS and ECS systems.

What is an ENC?

An ENC is a vector chart that contains all the information necessary for safe navigation. These electronic charts are produced according to the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) standards for the exchange of digital chart information (S57).

ENCs are used for paperless navigation in an ECDIS. The ECDIS provides the navigator with a seamless presentation of the electronic charts with real-time positioning. The ECDIS also provides a continuous display of its own and other vessels position and movement. The ENC shown in an ECDIS makes it possible to combine electronic navigation aids in a unique way.

Scale and presentation standards

ENCs are edited in given scales, just like paper charts, and must adhere to a strict set of standards for the presentation of data (symbols, colors, line thickness, size, etc.) and these vary little across national boundaries.


All navigation-critical corrections and updates are published in Weekly Updates, every Wednseday – and are continually updated in the ENCs. This also applies to temporary (T) and preliminary (P) messages. All who navigate using ECDIS are obliged to sail using updated ENCs.