Buying process

NavSim, as a leading Primar Distributor, can provide you with an entire portfolio of globally available Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC) in S-63 format. In order to conveniently order a chart portfolio, you are encouraged to use Primar Chart Catalogue – a handy tool to create a shopping basket with your desired charts. By using the Primar Chart Catalogue you ensure that all your selections are up-to-date and are correctly identified by your ECDIS / ECS system.

Once you have selected your Charts in the Primar Chart Catalogue you can Export your basket and send it to us for further processing along with UserPermit of your ECDIS / ECS system.

To enable us to provide you with the correct data formats we also need you to register your software.

We ask you to enter the S63 ENC User Permit and/or the Hardware ID.