Virtual AtoN Generator Overview

NavSim has always strived to maintain its leading position in producing high-performance e-navigation solutions. Our latest product, the Virtual AtoN Generator is the perfect combination of years of experience in AIS systems and opportunities offered by new technology. The Virtual AtoN Generator (VAG) was designed for deploying and managing virtual AIS AtoNs. One VAG is capable of generating up to 250 unique virtual AIS AtoNs simultaneously. Virtual AIS AtoN objects can be easily deployed, removed or edited using a dedicated graphical user interface (web-based) or a smartphone app.

Receive and transmit

Thanks to a built-in scheduler, the operator can plan ahead deployment of new ore removal of existing virtual AIS AtoNS and have full control over the time when and how they are visible to vessels. The transmit capability allows not only for generating new virtual AIS AtoNs but also for sending vessels-specific messages. Additionally, to transmit functionality, the VAG also receives all AIS messages from any AIS transceiver. Received messages are decoded and networked in real time.

One solution – many applications

The VAG functionality comes in a variety form factors: from a 19’’ rack form factor suitable for existing server rooms, to standard Mid-Tower for smaller office rooms, to small form factors (SFF). Due to its very low power consumption, the SSF version can be mounted on buoys, landmarks and other real Aid to Navigations with limited power supply. .

Deploy Virtual AIS AtoNs

The limited range of AIS technology may be a problem when virtual AtoNs should be deployed in remote locations. However, as the VAG can be equipped with an integrated satellite transceiver this limitation is no longer an issue. The VAG can be installed in a remote location and easily managed via satellite link from the shore.