In order to power a sustainable future for the marine market, we utilise the development of smart technologies to deliver new products and solutions. A substantial proportion of our R&D expenditure is dedicated to smart technologies (IoT, autonomous assets, autonomous vessels). In our approach we put a special emphasise at securing environmental compliance and providing short- and long-term benefits for our customers. As a result, NavSim Poland is well positioned to provide complete lifecycle solutions for the marine market. The ultimate objective of our R&D efforts is to provide sustainable innovation, which maximises the environmental and economic performance of the vessels, harbours and marine infrastructure for its owners.


Research projects

We develop technologies that comply with ever more stringent sustainability targets New technologies are under implementation to secure both current and future sustainability demands. Optimising the quality of our new solutions and their time to market is carried out using increased levels of simulation, modularisation, virtual testing, and validation. The focus is on continuous improvement, thereby securing reliability and safety without compromising quality. Toward this end we actively participate in both national and international research projects NavSim engagement in international research project has started over a decade ago. Our unique experience and skills were appreciated by our research partners, as we were invited to a larger number of R&D consortia. The most recent research projects include, among others, R-Mode for Baltic Sea, NetBaltic, and Weather routing..