The assembly of a measurement system is another step forward to total implementation of the most secure guidance system for vessels. In terms of versatility of transhipped goods, the Port of Gdynia is the first European port with this type of precise system for defining vessel location up to a few centimetres.

The next system implementation stage will be arrangements with the Maritime Office in Gdynia regarding installation of the transmitter module on the Harbour Master’s Office building and implementation of the central control server.

“We are able to set new trends first of all in the maritime law – until now provisions in force do not account for navigation solutions we are going to use in our port. We are also going to open opportunities for further research on modern navigation solutions by academic centres”, says Grzegorz Dyrmo, PoGA S. A. Vice-President.

The system will assist pilots in the most difficult manoeuvring operations of largest vessels that presently call at the port. The Port of Gdynia will be able to apply for the IMO certificate in two years from introducing the technology.

Apart from the most advanced technology and security guarantee, the system will also influence optimization of the loading and unloading processes through their automation. Thanks to the system port operations will be even more efficient and the employees will have less workload. Also, surveyors will also be able to take advantage of the technology implemented at the Port of Gdynia. Once the station is reported to the Surveyor General of Poland, the signal may also be shared to be used in land measurements.[:]